Sheep on a Homestead Farm

The Follow the Season’s I-STREAM~~ Curriculum









The I-STREAM~~ Curriculum is one of observation, questioning and research; followed by journaling and reflecting on one’s findings. After observation and reflection, the student will create, design and craft sustainable ways to maintain or return their home communities and lands to health and wholeness. The student will craft sustainable and innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems. They will then follow their solutions to see that they work successfully over the long term. The curriculum is tied to NextGen and 21st Century Academic Standards.

The curriculum is grounded in the reality in which we are surrounded. The curriculum spirals up from simpler ground for the very young, to more and more complex ideas and projects for the older. All the core subjects (science, math, and language arts) are taught within the framework of learning through observation followed by loving, sustainable and positive actions. 

The I-STREAM~~ Curriculum follows a seasonal path that is in harmony with the surroundings of the student. Just as a river slowly modifies and brings life to it’s surroundings, the I-STREAM~~ Curriculum is meant to create a graceful flow in which the students are given the time, space and tools to truly understand the world they are immersed in. The ultimate destination of this curriculum is to create human beings who will act to change our world through creative products and projects that sustain a healthy diversity of life and life-ways for the generations who follow them.

I-STREAM~~ Curriculum Subscription Service

I-STREAM~~ Curriculum Guides are available as a monthly subscription service with teacher support tiered to what you can afford.