I Choose Kindness

I Choose to Be Kind Workshops and Mentoring

Why do we humans choose to be mean, when it is really just as easy and more rewarding to choose kindness?

My Thoughts:

Being mean is most often not a conscious choice. It is born of thoughtless knee-jerk survival instinct in response to fear. Being mean is an instinctual response to a society that is bound to a time clock, moves too fast, and has grown to be too competitive. Our competitive society teaches us to be cruel and heartless.

Mean-ness comes from the part of our brain that has to do with survival (fight, flight, freeze). It is necessary for self- and family protection when we are truly threatened. 

The trouble is: We now live in a society where we always feel threatened. Due to this, we often react to others by being mean. 

So: We Must Consciously Choose to Be Kind.

Be kind to yourself first and then kindness to others will come with ease.