Handprints Workshops and Mentoring

You are a Unique Individual with Unique Gifts and Experiences

Only you can choose a healthy life where you can make a difference to return our world to the health it is meant to have. 

No one else will ever be born on our home planet that is uniquely you. No one else has your experiences to draw on. No one else, but you, can choose to take your unique inborn gifts and unique experiences to make a difference in our world. 

Your life is a total of the choices you make. Your choices are best made to reflect your individual needs and the phase of life you are in. 

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” 

The Golden Rule is found in every religion, every culture, and every time. The first step in truly embodying the Golden Rule is loving and caring for yourself. 

As a wise mentor of mine once told me when I was having a bout with pneumonia, so needed to take a break from school teaching:

“An empty pitcher pours no water.”

When you wisely care for yourself, then the love you embody will naturally flow to others through acts of kindness.